Work from Home in South Africa

Make Real Money From Anywhere In South Africa, As Long As You Have a Computer And An Internet Connection!

Collect R200’s Online And Also Build An Internet-Based Business With A Growing, Lifelong Residual Passive Income!!

Are you surfing the Internet, looking for an opportunity to work from home or a way to make real, legitimate money online? Are you looking for a way to get an ongoing monthly income? Are you tired of searching and not finding any real South African money making opportunities online?

Perhaps you have got one or more of the following financial or work related problems:

-Are you stuck in a boring, dead end job which you really hate but cannot quit, simply because jobs are scarce?

-Are you scared of the fact that you might get fired from your job?

-Do you hate working for a horrible boss who just treats you like dirt?

-Are you fed up of working with nasty colleagues, who cause you to hate going to work?

-Is it so bad that, most of the times, you don’t even want to get up for work?  

-Do you work like a slave without getting any recognition from your boss; not even a measly “thank you”?

-Do you work overtime, extra time and also public holidays and just feel over-worked and over-tired?

-Do you wish that you could break free, be your own boss and work from home on your computer? 

-Is debt destroying your joy and happiness ?

-Do you need to make some extra cash because your salary only lasts a few days and when it gets to the middle of the month you are already broke?

-Do you have dreams and wishes that probably never will come true because to attempt them will cost a fortune and you do not earn enough money to even make a start on pursuing them? 

-Do you dream of owning your own online business but cannot find one that is legit, honest and that pays real, actual money? Real money which you can actually see, feel and hold in your hand? The kind of money which you can actually go and withdraw from the ATM; Real, actual money; The kind of money that actually pays your bills and also buys groceries?

Make real money online with The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System!

Do you wish you could look into your wallet or purse and see some extra R200 notes looking right back, smiling at you?


Right now, perhaps you may feel like giving up hope. You may feel like there is no way out. Whatever problems you are currently facing at your workplace; or whatever financial problems you are facing; no matter where you are currently staying in South Africa, do not give up! There is hope! This is your solution!! 


Congratulations, you have just found the solution to your financial problems!

In South Africa there has always been a lack of real, actual work from home business opportunities that actually enable you to make real, instant cash online but you have finally stumbled upon the real thing; The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System; A business opportunity that enables you to make real, instant cash by collecting R200’s online!

If you have a computer or laptop with Internet access, here is some good news for you; You can now work from home, be your own boss and make real cash online by using our Super Online Money-Making System! If you are able to type,  send emails and know how to copy and paste and drag and drop on a computer you can earn very good money from the comfort of your own home!! This Work From Home Opportunity was created by a South African for South Africans. It is the most powerful online money making system available in our country and it will change the lives of millions of financially struggling South Africans! This unique South African work from home business opportunity is your solution!!

The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System ©
The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System ©



 The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System was created and perfected over several years by me, Jeremy Dreyer and is a 4 step plan (4 phases) to creating wealth online by building a South African online business which allows it’s members to collect R200’s online as instant cash (paid directly into your bank account) and also to earning an on-going monthly income that grows and grows, unlike a conventional 9 to 5 job that only pays you a stagnant, set salary.

The 4 phases of wealth creation within our system take you through all the necessary steps of building your online business so that you may be in the perfect position to achieve the three very important goals of our system;

The Three  Goals  Of The SA-Solution  Work From Home System

(from short term to long term).

 -The short term goal is to make money quickly (instant cash/R200’s) and to start earning monthly (an ever increasing, on-going monthly income).

-The secondary goal is to build your online business so that your income grows and may reach the point where you don’t need to work for a boss anymore.

-The ultimate or long term goal is to enable you, the business owner, to become wealthy and financially free.

All this is done by providing you with a complete wealth creation system and various powerful tools which you may use to collect R200’s online.


Collect R200’s Online, Working From Home With The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System.

R200 note; a South African Beauty. The R200 note has become the symbol of The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System. Use The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System to Automatically Fill Your Bank Account And Wallet With Stacks Of These!

Our Work-From-Home System makes use of great products and they will enable you to make money! These products enable you to make money as instant cash and also as an on-going residual, passive, monthly income.

Work From Home, Collecting R200’s Online!!

Upon joining our system and working from home with us, you will become part of our team and learn the secrets of our amazing online money-making system. You will be taught, step-by-step, how to use a system that will become for you, what we call your own “Personal Automated Money Making Machine”. Yes, you’ve read correctly; Your very own PERSONAL AUTOMATED MONEY MAKING MACHINE! That is really what the SA-Solution Work-From-Home System is; it turns your computer and Internet connection into a machine that automatically collects R200’s for you, online!

The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System ©
The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System ©
Work from home in South Africa and start building your stacks of R200 notes!!! JOIN TODAY!!!
Work from home in South Africa and start building your stacks of R200 notes!!! JOIN TODAY!!!

Your very own


Once you have got this system set up, it will change your life forever! This Personal Automated Money Making Machine (PAMMM) will, through online advertising and social media, work automatically for you to collect R200’s non-stop! 

The SA-Solution Work From Home System is an automated money-making system that works 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, non-stop, every day of your life! Your own personal automated R200 making machine! Wow!

This system works for you even while you are asleep or out on holiday and never gets tired. It is always, constantly working to collect R2oo’s for you and it never stops. It will keep working even while you are asleep or out camping and never gets tired! It does not take a break and it is the absolute best way to make money or to create wealth on the Internet in South Africa; nothing even comes close to it!

The SA-Solution Work-from-Home System; your very own Personal Automated Money Making Machine!!! Make money online with an Automated System!
The SA-Solution Work-from-Home System; your very own Personal Automated Money Making Machine!!! Make money online with an Automated System!

Can you imagine having your very own automated R200 making machine that works non-stop, never gets tired and constantly works to collect R200’s for you, online, even while you are asleep or out camping with your family?

The Power of a Personal Automated Money Making Machine:

Imagine for a moment; waking up in the morning, checking your email inbox and seeing a couple of, or even dozens of “Notification of R200 payment received” staring back at you!!!

Once you own such an online R200 making machine it becomes an almost effortless thing to easily produce a couple of hundreds or thousands of rands online, simply because it works automatically and also because it only takes a few R200’s to make up a R1000! All you need to do is to advertise online and your Personal Automated Money Making Machine will start going to work to collect your R200’s automatically, online! This is how you will create wealth and build your online business with us, using the powerful SA-Solution Work-From-Home System.

 A complete wealth creation system that enables you to build an online business and also become financially free!Most South African Internet users have at one time or another Googled these words” How can I make money online in South Africa?”. Every day there are people all over South Africa looking for a real work from home opportunity. They are looking for a real way to make money online in South Africa. Most South Africans have at one time or another Googled these words” How can I make money online?” These people search the Internet and perhaps you are one of them. Perhaps that is what brought 

you to this website.

Today your search has ended. You have finally discovered a way to make real money online!

Here are some things you need to know about our work from home opportunity:

-With us you do not need to buy and then sell expensive products like weight loss products or vitamin tablets, household products or anything of that sort to your friends or family to push “PV”. The problem with such products is that sometimes they are way too expensive and your friends refuse to buy them. You, in the end, will then be stuck with these products that just won’t sell and will have to buy more the following month and the month thereafter etc.

-We do not do door-to-door selling.

-No hidden fees; this is an honest and open business; choose your 2 products and follow easy step-by-step instructions. You will be shown how to get your online money making system set up (through our online success guide) and you will then be ready to start collecting your own R200’s online. It’s as simple as that.

-With our unique SA-solution Work From Home System we will teach you how it’s possible to make hundreds and even thousands, working from home, by collecting R200’s  online, plus an on-going residual income for life!

-We use a step-by-step system, so, to succeed, you have to be teachable.

-You must have a computer with an Internet access.

-You do not have to go out and talk to people; all your work will be done at home, on your computer.

-We have got amazing products but you don’t go out and try to persuade people to buy them. All you have to do to make money online with us, is to advertise our work from home opportunity online; whenever people see your online adverts and decide to work from home, you will get your R200’s paid directly into your bank account immediately.

-As soon as you have learnt how our powerful system works, you can use it over and over again, to keep collecting R200’s all through your life, by just repeating what we have taught you!

–This is a South African Solution to  all South Africans who feel that they need to make some extra cash or who feel that they would love to work from home and be free.

-With most business opportunities out there, it is very hard, or difficult, to make hundreds or thousands online. With most of them you will have to work for many, many months or years to make a few hundreds or thousands.

Finally here is something different!

   The South African Solution is here! 

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